We are very excited to announce that Mariola, a member of Choose Life Abundant will be leading two ten-day health challenges in Guatemala for a limited time only.  Dates are as follows:

  • December 3-12, 2018
  • January 7-16, 2019.

In collaboration with Plantiful and Habits2Live, an all-star team has come together and launched the Healthy Living Program in order to offer the same practical tools as found in the wold famous Blue Zone found in Loma Linda, California.   What is a Blue Zone?  National Geographic has discovered a few zones in the world where people live beyond 100 years old whilst enjoying a high quality of life.  For full article, please visit our Reference page (under CONTACT) or click here.   Curious what Healthy Living is all about?  Below is their catalog.      

For more information, please contact:  healthyliving.guatemala@gmail.com or Tel: 4051-9890

Click here to download Catalog. 

Program can be held in both English or Spanish.