• About 20 minutes into the process, check to see if the flour is not sticking to the walls of bread maker.  If it is, use a silicone spatula to push the flour into the dough. 
  • To make it extra healthy, avoid raisins.  
  • Also freeze bread once it's cooled in the freezer for 3 days, this will kill the yeast.  Make sure you slice it first so that it’s easy to pull apart when frozen.
  • If you are not eating the bread in less than 3 days, keep the bread in the freezer.  Bread will perish much quicker due to the fact it has no preservatives.  

Spelt Bread - Bread Maker Edition

Recipe for 2 Pounds

2 cups of water**

4 cups spelt flour*
1 tablespoon of fresh yeast
1 or 2 teaspoons of Real Salt
2 tablespoons of Sucanat

Optional: 3 tablespoons sesame and flax seeds.  Raisins can also be added.  Add halfway into the kneading.  

*Alternative: Kamut (can also procure at wholefoods).
​**Warm water if making bread with your hands.  Room temperature if using bread maker.