If you like to see optimal results in correcting your health, the best advice is to avoid having dinner.  This will allow your digestive track to "get off the treadmill" and find its well deserve rest.  Not only will you wake up much more rested, but you will allow your body to detox.   If you allow your body to "recharge its batteries" you will find faster healing and recovery, and certainly more energy for the next day!  

That said, not everyone is the same.  Some individuals whose vocation requires hard labour, and are strength workers (be it construction workers, farmers, etc...), may find dinner a necessary meal.  

The best recommendation for dinner is to dine early, no later than 5:00PM - 6:00PM.  The following items are in order of importance.

1.   A small portion of fruits is best!  Avoid the acidic ones (mineral content, not taste).

2.   Steamed potatoes and vegetables.   

3.   Simple soups, and crackers. 

Fruits are best, they contain live enzymes and much more vitamins and minerals than anything cooked, which is considered dead food.  Also consider that fruits require about 1-2 hours digestion  versus raw vegetables, around 3-4 hours.  

Also eat lightly.  Absolutely avoid larger and heavier meals because these require much more digestive work.  Our livers usually shut down in the evening (approximately past 5:00-6:00PM); if you give your body a large and dense meal, you will likely digest your food half-heartedly, perhaps for many hours when you are wishfully trying to find some sleep-ful rest.     

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