*Microscopy items, solutions, sterile and disposable products, printouts, booklets, domain, website upkeep and more.  

Thank you for your kind support

We wholeheartedly thank you in advance for helping us propel the wonderful message of positive lifestyle changes through natural methods.  This educational message has significantly transformed many people's health and wellbeing, and through your contribution, you become part of this much needed endeavour.   Once again, thank you.  

​Below is an online credit card link to facilitate love donations.   We can also facilitate payment upon your visit, all major credit cards are accepted.   Alternatively, you can donate by kindly making checks payable to:  "Choose Life Abundant."  Checks can be even mailed to: 1550 Springside Dr., Weston, FL 33326

Choose Life Abundant is a not-for-profit charity and the reason for this love offering is to help sustain cost of living, services and material costs incurred.*