Program-Related Donation Refunds:  Please note, half of your total donation will need to be received one month (30 days) prior to starting any of our programs: here.  Your donations are fully refundable until 15 days from the starting day.  Refunds after 15 days prior will be returned minus a 30% cancelation fee.  Donations will incur a 40% fee if canceled a second time regardless of its timing.  Once a program is completed, all donations are final. 

Reservation Deposit:  We can only secure your dates by leaving a $100.00 reservation deposit. The reservation deposit will be counted towards your final donation and will be refundable until 15 days prior to your visit. The reservation deposit will not be refundable if your visit is canceled a second time.  

Security Deposit:  A $500 security deposit is required upon arrival to the premises to protect the property's assets, including the Septic Tank. Fully refundable upon the end of the program only if there are no damages incurred during our guest's visit.  If damages are incurred, the deposit will be returned after factoring reparation costs. The security deposit will be reimbursed to the original credit card and may take 3-5 business days.  

Regular Donations:   When donations are not program related, all donations are final. 

Interested in visiting Choose Life Abundant? 

1.  Please contact us at (931) 300-2925,  (931) 279-8839 or write to us at info@chooselifeabundant.orgwith the following information:

  • your name,
  • contact information,
  • your inquiry (i.e. interested in doing a  Health Review, attending a Program, or just have a question)
  • potential visiting dates, if any, and second-best (alternative) dates.  

2.  Once we review your inquiry we can proceed in establishing a date together (if needed) for your visit.  For this we will need you to fill out the following application:

3. After submitting your Application Form,  a representative from Choose Life Abundant should contact you to see if we are capable of serving you. 

4.  If we are able to serve you, please proceed by carefully reading and filling out the Pre-Visitor Forms by clicking here.  

5.  Once all forms are filled, we would need to secure your dates with a $100  Reservation Deposit by clicking here or by pressing the Donate button below.   For our refund policy, see the bottom of the page.  

6.  After your dates are secured, thirty days before your visit, we will need to receive half of your total donation prior to starting any of our programs.  Please visit our donations page here or press the Donate button below.   For our refund policy, see the bottom of the page.