C.L.A. home wellness 

17.)  What else should I bring?

Consider procuring a pedometer as we will be monitoring our activity by tracking our steps on a daily basis.  You can find pedometers online for less than $10.  We recommend procuring one with a bracelet, like the Fitbits, or iWatch.  bringing your own water bottle.  If you have one with insulation, even better.  We will be drinking lots of water during your visit.  Your own toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, sunscreen, etc.  Please if you can, avoid perfumes or colognes, as these are counterproductive to our detoxifying work. 

Rubber boots (i.e. rainboots), a hat, a mosquito net, and gardening gloves.  

Your medications and supplements for at least 12 days. 

Optional: a flashlight. 

Avoid:  please leave your laptop, MP3s, iPods, and iPad at home, as well as school work, or office work.  Our own music therapy is designed to uplift your brain. 

Also please resist the temptation of bringing snacks and food.  The meals provided are designed to provide the proper nutrition which plays a central role in our programs.  Please only eat what is provided at Choose Life Abundant at the specific meal times.  Your body and mind will thank you for it at the conclusion of your visit. 

18.)  How do I reserve a spot?

You can always reach us at (931)-300-2925, and if there is no answer, please leave us a brief message with your contact information, why you like to visit us, and the dates you are looking for.  You can also write to us at info@chooselifeabundant.org  with that same information.  Please let us know if you also have alternate dates. 

After we get in touch with you, we will provide you with a form that needs to be filled out and signed.  This entails a detailed but confidential questionnaire of your lifestyle habits and a few other things.  It also includes a liability wavier form which is very important; without it, we cannot move forward.  You will need to fill the form its entirety so that we can determine if you are a candidate to our program, and establish your dates.   We can only secure your dates by leaving a $100.00 reservation deposit here https://www.chooselifeabundant.com/donations.html  The reservation deposit will count towards your final donation and will be refundable until 15 days prior to your visit.   The reservation deposit will not be refundable if your visit is canceled a second time.   Please kindly wait to be approved into the program before sending a Reservation Deposit.  

19.)  Why do we require a Reservation Deposit? 

It is important that we request a deposit because we have held several verbal reservations in the past while denying many inquiring individuals who really needed to visit us.  We take our participant's visit very seriously, and getting ready entails much-anticipated preparation such as bulk grocery shopping, etc.  When we are waiting for our visitors but they failed to notify us they do not intend to visit, we feel sad for those that could have come with great needs but could not be here because someone else had blocked the dates.

20.)  Where will I stay?

Choose Life Abundant is in the middle of a beautiful forested 12-acre property in the countryside.  On one side we found a spring (maybe two) and a little creek that originates from there.  The house is divided into two levels.  The upper level is where the master bedroom is found and that is where our visitors will be staying.  This is the best room in the house!  The master room can accommodate married couples or a single person.  If you are not married, we will like to accommodate you individually please, we appreciate your kind understanding.   The room has its own brand new electric adjustable-bed-frame on a queen mattress, a new air-conditioner and heater with remote control, a walk-in closet, a shower with a visual temperature gauge, and a new bidet toilet-seat.  

Regarding our wastewater, we have a septic tank.  Septic tanks are tanks buried underneath the property and require we take good care of them.  For this reason, we kindly ask not to flush anything but your personal waste and toilet paper, only.  Our toilet-seat bidets should help you avoid the overuse of toilet paper while being gentle with yourself, especially if you are on a detoxing cleanse.  Anything else must go on the trash bins please, we really don’t mind that. 

21.)  How much is the cost?

Choose Life Abundant has been purposely structured as a non-profit to provide an affordable alternative to your typical Wellness Center costs.  We have seen the more economical Wellness Centers starting in the $300s per day and climb to $850-$1,000 a day for medium-range kind of center.  At Choose Life Abundant we felt that the information to find good health should not be for those that can afford to pay for it alone, and that is why we operated part-time, at no cost, for our first 3 years.  We are in our 5th year and though we now have a suggested donation need amount, we feel it is still very accessible.  Now that we have gone full-time, we can only make it through your generous donations.  For when we have 1 to 2 visitors, we currently have a suggested donation need of $250.00/day per stay-in visitors, and $175/day for our out-visitors.  Though this barely covers the fixed costs of running the non-profit (mortgage, maintenance, and other operating costs), we have decided to keep it low unless we need the help of additional staff.  Additional staff will be required for when we have 3-4 visitors whereby our donation needs increase to $300/day per stay-ins, and $200/day per out-visitor.  However, the words suggested donation implies that you are not held to the minimum suggested amount, and you are free to contribute above the minimum according to the dictates of your heart.     

For our Telephone/Zoom programs, our suggested donation needs are as follows: 5 days for $325, and $65 for subsequent sessions, up to 10 days, or as needed.  

DONATION REIMBURSEMENTS:  Please note:  All donations that are unrelated to any of our programs are final

For program-related donations:   Half of the full donation will need to be received one month (30 days) prior to starting any of our programs, please.  You can make your partial donation here.  This donation is fully refundable until 15 days from the starting day.  A 30% fee will be processed on refunds after day 15.  A 40% fee will be processed on refunds when canceling a second time regardless of its timing.   Program-related donations, reservation donations, and security deposits will be forfeited in case our code of conduct is violated.  Once a program is completed,  all donations are final.  Thank you for your understanding.   

If you still feel the cost of visiting is too high, one alternative that I have seen work is running a fundraiser through websites such as gofundme.com   

Most times churches can help out collect the necessary funds too, all it takes is a little bit of planning, and sharing with others your needs.   Before soliciting donations from congregations we encourage talking to your minister first.  Feel free to give our telephone number 931-300-2925 or email info@chooselifeabundant.org to your minister in case he would like to talk to us about your church donating on your behalf.    

We accept donations online, zelle (under our email: info@chooseLIFEabundant.org), all major credit cards, checks written to: Choose Life Abundant and sent to our address 399 Levi Hollow Rd, Lawrenceburg TN 38464, and cash.  All donation needs need to be prepaid before visiting, please. 

22.)  Can I bring a non-participating companion?  

Yes, you may!  The only difference between our participating visitors and non-participating companions is that they won't go through a health assessment, cannot do any of the cleanses, and cannot partake of the contrast baths.  Because of our limited infrastructure, most of our activities will take place in the common areas of the house.  In other words, non-participating companions will be exposed to the program (i.e. digital lessons, activities, corrective diet, etc.).  Non-participants companions are encouraged to join the person's schedule who they are supporting.  If the non-participating companion prefers to not participate, it's important to remember that activities outside of our program are very limited due to the nature of where we are located, far in the countryside.  Unfortunately, our internet access is strictly for the operations of our non-profit.  For our non-participating companions, there is an added donation need of $169.00/day per person to cover for a room, meals, and other boarding expenses.   

23.)  Can I go through the program in exchange for volunteer work?

Volunteer work while going through any of our programs will decrease the program's effectiveness only because our outstanding projects may be complex and large.  Our intention is that our visitors get in a Blue Zone routine, and thus like to keep our focus on the many different kinds of activities that add to the program's success.  

There are a variety of smaller projects as such (i.e. installing a dishwasher, a garbage disposal,  help with the greenhouse, installing bathroom vents, and more) so if you have the skills and talents to help out, please reach out to me to talk about it, we can certainly work something out, but it likely needs to take place outside of the program's hours.

24.)  Is Choose Life Abundant a religious ministry?

Choose Life Abundant is a self-sustainable health-education non-profit organization.  Put simply, our mission is to help others find freedom from the ailments that shackle our human family from obtaining a good quality of life!  Think Blue Zones!

Though we are not a religious institution, we are inspired by the life of Man who more than He preached, He healed.  Despite the fact that no man ever spoke like Him, and many called Him Master, Teacher, Messiah, and God, He Himself got on His knees to wash the feet of friends and enemy alike, for He lived not for Himself.  Even in His last minutes at the cross, He ministered to others.   During His ministry, He taught that heaven measures success by what you do for others, not by what others do for you.  

At Choose Life Abundant we take our example from Him, and like Him, we shall define love through selfless acts of services.  Even though we cannot heal, we can serve, and by caring for others in preparing foods, lending an ear as we walk together, and showing how to care of our bodies, we hope to obtain some relief from the bondage of the symptoms that assail those who visit us.    

Though there may be several Christian references in our program, they are of non-sectarian nature.  Why do we include them?  As seen in the Alcoholics Anonymous, including a spiritual component has demonstrated unparalleled success in their programs.  At Choose Life Abundant, we have seen the difference when we incorporate the concept that there is something beyond ourselves versus when we do not.  To complement the science portion of the program, we use the story of Daniel, a Biblical story found in the New England Journal of Medicine as the first and oldest empirical study in existence today to demonstrate the relationship between diet and health.  The beauty of this book is that it’s neutrally suitable whether you are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, or Atheist --thanks to the archeological and medical record.  If you are strong enough in your religious or non-religious beliefs, then there is nothing to fear about coming to our program. 

In the same way Christ respected and healed many who believed differently, so shall we be happy to serve those that believe differently here as well.  We open our home and hope you too can find a special peace in this place, free from worry.

25.)  Code of Conduct

At Choose Life Abundant, we seek to abide in ways that are honorable.  We have procured this place for nothing else than the purpose of bringing rest and peace to the wearied.  For the sake of a successful program, hallucinogenic, alcohol, recreational drugs, narcotics, and tobacco are forbidden inside the In-Home Wellness property. 

Let’s make it a priority to be respectful to one another, care for the property, and request our visitors and staff to please refrain from romantically engaging with one another as we go through the program.  Our mission is to get through the program without unnecessary distractions.   Disregarding these simple requests will end up in terminating the program early without a refund. 

26.)  If there is nothing out there, what do I do if I need to go buy something in town?

If you are staying for the Ten Day Program, it is likely that we need to drive about a 1-hour round trip into town to procure food supplies at some point in the middle of the program.   Nonetheless, please make sure to pack extra provisions for things you may likely run out like for example prescriptions; please remember to fill your prescriptions prior to your visit.  Driving into town more than we are required will take away valuable time from your program.  

27.)  Is it safe to walk around in the countryside?

Yes, though it’s hilly out here, there are fewer threats than if we were in the mountains.  The greatest threat here are bobcats, but they are rarely seen.  We hope that through your visit, you will fall in love with living in the countryside too.

28.)  Can I bring my medicines and other equipment needed for my health? 

Yes, bring all your prescriptions, and please do not stop taking anything.  Your Doctor has first say in all that has to do with your health.  We are only suggesting lifestyle changes, nothing else.  Everything learned here must be always checked out with your Doctor first. 

29.)  Are you a Doctor?

No, I’m not, and nothing at Choose Life Abundant is to replace proper medical care.  We have no patients and will never have patients at Choose Life Abundant, only visitors.  We cannot and will not diagnose, treat, or sell anything medical.  All we do is share what a wholesome diet should look like, encourage you to be more active, seek to reframe thoughts, go through educational material, and welcome you to spend 5 or 10 days amidst the restoring sights of nature in and around our home.  Before planning to visit, please visit and carefully read our full disclaimer here.   

30.)  How are you entitled to share health education?

All that I have to share is the same knowledge found in the Loma Linda Blue Zone.  Their lifestyle secrets are summarized in the 8 Laws of Health.  To deepen my knowledge of these laws I took a course at Lifeline Wellness Center and became a Lifestyle Health Educator.  In addition, I obtained a diploma in LBA, for educational purposes only.  Below are listed the 8 Laws of Health that have been shared through the non-profit to hundreds of people since our inception in 2015 which have resulted in great things for the health of our visitors:

  • Fresh Air.
  • Sunshine.
  • Temperance
  • Rest.
  • Exercise.
  • Water.
  • Nutrition.
  • Trust in Divine Power.

In addition, I am also a facilitator for
Straight 2 the Heart, and a veteran of what is probably considered the best program on Depression and Anxiety in the nation. 

31.)  Interested in serving long-term? 

Currently looking for volunteer help for our stay-in program, in particular a female associate would be of great support for our visitors.   Ideally hoping to find someone who is self-less serving by nature (because we are not in it for our sake, but for others).  It’s a plus if she is comfortably bilingual (because the majority of our visitors are Spanish speakers), knows and likes to cook, is good with people, loves health, has good presentation skills, and is a quick learner.

Thank you for your interest in the Choose Life Abundant Corrective Program!  It has taken many months of careful investment and arduous work to prepare our facilities to see this dream come to life and finally welcome our visitors as soon as February 2020.   Even though there will always be work ahead of us, we are soon ready to officially start.  Thank you for your support and patience!

Some questions and answers below in response to our inquiring visitors!

1.)  Did Choose Life Abundant leave the Sunshine State?

The simple answer is yes.  We are growing and we needed to take the time to expand the non-profit to cater to the growth! 

Since August 2019, we have spent 3 months on full-time research, writing a business plan, sketching blueprints, eating on the wheel while driving thousands of miles, meeting with key players, and scouting out land in Colorado, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee!  In October 2019 we were finally able to close on the perfect place for our project expansion.  It gives us great joy to announce Choose Life Abundant has now relocated to the Volunteer State, in the county of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee!   

2.)  Does Choose Life Abundant still offer appointments as usual?

Yes!  Though it may take a little bit more planning to commute over to our new location, our appointments are now taking place at our new domicile at the same cost of $150.  For our contact information, click here! 

3.)  What does Choose Life Abundant offer beyond their typical out-visitor appointments?

The purpose of our “Wellness at Home” concept is to be able to share in practice what is shared in theory during our visitor’s consultations.  If you have gone through one of our consultations, you will have noticed that our meetings sometimes go beyond the two-hour mark (sometimes even up to 6 hours!).  That’s because many of our visitors are intrigued by all that they learn at Choose Life Abundant, resulting in lots and lots of questions --and lots of questions make for long visits!  But we enjoy helping our visitors no matter how long it takes, we exist for you. 

Ultimately, our hope is that you can walk away with the satisfaction there are reasonable answers to many of your questions!  Although the information shared is powerful, we find that it’s just a lot of information, and putting it into practice is where the challenge is.  That’s why Choose Life Abundant has now expanded its services so that our visitors can now actually spend several days inside the process through one of the three programs detailed below, without the stress of trying to implement all the components of the Corrective Lifestyle on their own.

4.)  What are the details of the programs?

In addition to our out-visitor consultations, we offer three programs for our visitors: 

  • The stay-in Five Day Program.
  • The stay-in Ten Day Program.

The third option accommodates our "off-campus" visitors. 

  • The out-visitor Five Day Program. 

We also offer our program over Telephone or Zoom for 5 days at minimum, up to 10 days. 


Each program begins with a Lifestyle Review.   For further details about what the initial review entails, please write to us on our Contact Us page.  After collecting as much information as possible, we then suggest the appropriate corrective measures (please check with your Doctor prior to making any kind of lifestyle change).  During your stay, a schedule will be uniquely designed to get you through the necessary corrective measures, may include the following:

  • the necessary detox cleanses (if necessary),
  • fasting (if necessary),
  • foods according to the condition,
  • juicing (if necessary),
  • type of lectures (physiology, optimizing your brain, victory over anxiety, depression, addiction, and more),
  • exercise (moderate and/or high-intensity training),
  • 3D work such as greenhouse and/or gardening work, puzzles, etc. (promotes frontal lobe activity),
  • blue light therapy (if necessary, to reset your circadian rhythm),
  • music therapy (classical music), 
  • contrast baths - shower or Jacuzzi (if necessary), and
  • steam baths. 

As you may notice, your day will mostly be occupied in finding restoration, and not only will you be learning the ‘why’ of these things, but the ‘how.’  Schedules may include more (or less) activities.  Your basic vitals may be monitored for some of the activities above.

5.)  Are the programs only in English? 

The programs can be run in either English or Spanish. 

6.)  What’s the difference between the two stay-in programs?

Trying to implement these measures in the middle of your life routine will no doubt benefit you, but at Choose Life Abundant you will find an uninterrupted environment catered just for you to help you face a healthier life-path once you go home.  The more time you spend in a Blue Zone environment the better the results.  Repetition is important in the process of forming new habits. 

In addition, the Ten Day Program includes a more robust cleansing approach, which requires at least six days of preparation.  This would entail a few but key changes in the diet, and careful observation.  For further details, please write to us on our Contact Us page.  

Visitors who choose the Ten Day Program also benefit from getting further lectures on the topics they need help with.  Our hope is that the positive health results you will find here can motivate you to take the lifestyle home and make it your own!

7.)  How is Choose Life Abundant different?

We stand out from the typical Wellness Center in a variety of things, but the main one regards our approach to the connection between our thoughts and health.  It has been said that 9 out of 10 diseases originate in the mind.  An ancient proverb captures it well: “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…”  At Choose Life Abundant, we believe in cause and effect.   In taking the risk of oversimplifying things, what is your reaction if I would ask you to close your eyes and imagine a nice juicy lemon being squirted on your tongue?  It is likely you may have had your salivary glands segregate saliva into your mouth just at the very thought!  Take for example when we are overwhelmed with stress.  The blood is routed away from the digestive tract to the periphery muscles thereby impairing the absorption of nutrients from your last meal.  Can you imagine the impact on your health if one is chronically stressed out?  Even though what we think and tell ourselves is of great influence, most times however we are not even aware of what we are telling ourselves!   We may be thinking incorrectly for decades and though it may be a habit too difficult to break, it’s not an impossible one to overcome.  We thus believe an illness is typically an effect (lifestyle, genetic, mental, etc.), and what we seek to identify is the cause. 

Effects do not only manifest themselves in physical illness, but they can also appear in the form of anxiety, depression, addictions, and more.  If we were to see ourselves as trees, these reactions are just the fruits.  When was the last time you heard your practitioner tell you about doing more exercise, eating differently and seeking counseling?  We do not fault practitioners, prescribing the fruits away is a much easier route, and should I mention, a more profitable one too?  At Choose Life Abundant we do not necessarily focus on the fruit per se because if the problem is found at the root level, what good is it to help someone conquer an addiction to drugs when the addiction to drugs can be easily exchanged for an addiction to something else (think food, pornography, alcohol, tobacco, etc.)?  Swapping a smoking addiction to becoming a workaholic is still an addiction.  Though it may appear to be more acceptable, spending an unreasonable amount of time at work will take a toll (to a different degree) in one’s health and relationships as with any other addiction.  

To drill down to the roots it will be necessary to spend time together in the right kind of environment.   We will share an unusual meal plan and incentivize you to give the body the activity it was made to receive.  These should help set the right kind of foundation for us to commence working with our thoughts in the perfect setting of the countryside.

8.)  What are other areas where Choose Life Abundant is different? 

We subscribe to the Corrective Diet which makes us very different from other Wellness Centers.  We believe the body is most adept at metabolizing nutrients during breakfast, so our morning dishes will be thus selected to be the most nutrient-rich as is possible. 

We also believe in the physiological and mental benefits of contrast baths, blue-light therapy, music therapy, and handy work.  All which make part of your visit.

9.)  How does a typical day as a stay-in visitor look like?

Well, it really depends on the individual’s situation and their needs.  It also depends on which of the two programs the individual is enrolled in.  A typical schedule will always start early.  Early to bed and early to rise is best in the country.  Excluding fasting and cleanses, a typical schedule looks as follows: upon waking we may use light therapy, followed by an hour walk, or exercise.  We then go on to the living area to start the day with some words of hope.  We move on to food preparation which doubles as a small cooking class and have breakfast.  From there on we begin our digital lectures (some will be live), our series begins with talks on ‘how the body works.’  We may follow that with contrast showers/baths/steam.  From there we may pursuit 3-D work in the greenhouse, outdoors, or it could be anything as simple as putting together a jigsaw puzzle, all of which will help stimulate frontal lobe activity.  We move on to our second digital lecture of the day, this one will likely be related to the way we think (i.e. anxiety, stress, depression, etc.).  After our afternoon lecture, we start our food preparations and have lunch.  We add an hour walk or moderate exercise because we need to clock in about 10,000-15,000 steps a day!  Staying active is vitally important for what we are trying to accomplish!  We follow the exercise with another round of contrast baths, showers, or steam baths.  We close the day with words of hope, and by this hour there should only be a couple of hours left for the day to end. 

The sample-schedule above is only the foundation.  Depending on our visitor’s needs we would build from there to incorporate fasting, cleanses, and other concepts to enhance their experience.

10.)  How does a typical day as an out- visitor look like?

The out-visitor program is different in that though our visitor is not staying in, he or she can still be part of the program.   A schedule will be tailor-made based on the individual's circumstances with meal preparation (breakfast and lunch), exercise, digital lessons, morning thoughts, hydrotherapy (if needed), garden work, and more. ​  For our cleanses, however, we encourage our visitors to consider the stay-in program.  

11.)  Is there any internet or cell phone signal at Choose Life Abundant? 

Upon your drive out here you will find little to none cell phone signal.  This is very common when you visit the countryside, and most people that live out here find ways to live without it.  At Choose Life Abundant there is no steady cell phone signal, but as a visitor, you can rest assured you can still communicate with your loved ones with the house phone.  Our local phone number here is (931) 300-2925 and you can share it with your family.  We encourage however to use our local phone number as little as possible for the sake of focusing on the program.  You can use it, however, every evening upon the conclusion of your daily program.  We suggest less than 30 minutes per person, please. 

We also highly discourage bringing work with you for it counters the purpose of your visit.  The programs are structured to be in the seclusion of the countryside on purpose to hopefully influence your heart and mind to find its needed rest.  To help us serve you best, please consider preparing for your responsibilities in advance (i.e. your employer, work, family engagements, etc.) and notifying them of your lack of connectivity during your visit for the next five or ten days.

You may notice Choose Life Abundant also has WIFI, but unfortunately, it is strictly reserved for the business use of the non-profit.  Because of the remoteness of the property, we could not find any internet provider that would be willing to come out here.  Therefore, we had to invest in obtaining internet through satellite and unfortunately, their unlimited options are not affordable to the non-profit.  We thus have a very limited number of gigabytes per month that we must safe keep for the regular operation of the charity.  Thank you for your understanding.

12.)  Can I bring my movies and my own music? 

Part of the program requires music therapy. To obtain the results desired, the music employed needs to be at best Baroque in kind.  Every day we will play about 45 minutes of carefully selected baroque classical music in the background.  This may take place during our mealtimes.  We prefer to stick to the program requisites (i.e. baroque music is at the top) so that we can find the results desired, please. 

Please refrain from bringing CDs, DVDs and movies, there are plenty of videos we need to go through in the program.  If we stick to the schedule you will not find enough time to watch movies.  Please note, Netflix and any other streaming services will not work here either.

13.)  How many days are the actual programs for?

Ideally, you will want to spend either 5 full days or 10 full days in the program.  It is recommended to book your incoming flights during the day (not at night) just because we are far from the airport.  If your arrival or stay includes an extra day, we will understand only if you let us know ahead of time.  For example, if your arrival plane lands at night, it will be very hard for us to send you a driver there (he needs to be driving 2 hours one way, 4 hours in total) and you probably will have to UBER instead for quite a distance.  Also, try to book your departure mid-morning and on throughout the day, just because we do not have much access to drivers out here.   More on logistics below. 

14.)  How do I travel to Choose Life Abundant?

Visitors and their companions are responsible for booking their own flights. The closest airport to Choose Life Abundant is in Huntsville, Alabama with airport code: HSV, and is about 1:50 hours away by car.

There is also the Nashville, Tennessee airport, with code: BNA, which is about 1:45 to 2:10 hours by car. Traveling times vary depending on traffic.

If you are coming in from South Florida, consider looking for flights departing from the Fort Lauderdale airport as well, as you may procure cheaper fares through Spirit.com and Southwest.com.  

Alternatively, you can choose to drive to the program. Our address is 399 Levi Hollow Rd., Lawrenceburg, TN 38464.  From South Florida, the trip takes about 13:30 hours but can be longer if you decided to make stops along the way.  To assess the cost of driving here, you can do that on this website:  https://www.gasbuddy.com/TripCostCalculator

From either airport, you can always procure UBER or LYFT services, the estimated costs for UBER according to this website https://www.uber.com/us/en/price-estimate/ is as follows:

  • UBER from the Huntsville Airport: approximately $180 one way. 
  • UBER from the Nashville Airport: approximately $100 one way. 

Alternatively, Choose Life Abundant can tentatively arrange to hire a driver for $70 one-way when its only one person.  Please notify us in advance of your logistic plans so that we can schedule your driver.

If you are more than one person, choosing UBER would be more economical if you share the cost with your companions. 

15.)  How does this In-Home Wellness compare to a Wellness Center? 

In comparison to a Wellness Institution where you are one individual from many, Choose Life Abundant purposefully structured its programs under the warm and friendly setup of a home environment where our visitors should find a more personalized experience.  At the Choose Life Abundant home, our visitors will enter a Blue Zone microcosm without the expenses of moving and relocating to an actual Blue Zone.  The experience is designed to be as interactive as possible.  We are able to learn, retain and apply best when learning incorporates more than just one of our five senses.  Our meals for example, should require the participation of our visitors in the preparation of foods.   Every meal will be intentionally chosen to cater to our visitor’s needs and its preparation will be like a culinary micro-class where you can learn the reason why we are eating these foods, and how to eat these too.  The interactive preparation of foods can help our visitors learn the recipes to take the lifestyle home!  We encourage all our visitors to take part in the preparation of foods and washing, as these encourage frontal lobe activity.    

16.)  What kind of clothes do I need to bring?

Whether you visit us in winter, spring, summer or fall, the dress code is the same: casual.  If you are coming from tropical areas, and are planning to visit during our colder seasons, please make sure you bring some warm clothes.  This includes sweaters, sweat pants, warm pajamas, thermal underwear, warm socks, and warm long-sleeved shirts.  If you have house slippers please don’t forget to pack them too, they will help you keep your feet warm inside the home (i.e. Lined crocs work really well)!  It is very important to keep your limbs warm, so long sleeves and thick socks are a plus!

For the contrast baths or showers, you can bring flip flops as well as two swimsuits.  We will provide towels and bathrobes.

We will also be spending a lot of time outdoors, so bring fitness attire, at least two pairs of comfortable sneakers, preferably older ones as we will be walking dirt trails, rain or shine.  A raincoat is also very important, and a hat if you like to keep your head warm during the winter months. 

There is a washer and dryer at the premise. 

Ladies, please avoid tight or revealing clothing.

Below is a chart with the average temperature throughout the year.  However, please check the weather on
weather.com for area code 38464 for a more accurate reading!