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In addition, included below are three of several books that are profound and abundant in information regarding the topics found on this website (i.e. health, diet, lifestyle, mind control, relationships, and more).   For PDF access, click on each of their covers.

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 "An assessment designed by Dr. Neil Nedley, M.D., to measure level of depression, anxiety, emotional intelligence (EQ) and brain "hits" (factors which may lead to depression or anxiety) has just been made available to be taken online.  For "Hit" Testclick here.   When an individual has four or more  of these ten hit areas," Dr. Nedley explains, "they are likely to be depressed." Understanding the underlying factors causing depression is the first step towards combating the disease. The test also measures anxiety level, which is closely related to depression, and emotional intelligence (EQ). Raising EQ can help prevent or even treat depression.

"Studies have shown that emotional intelligence (EQ) is more important to a person's success than IQ," says Dr. Nedley. "The good news is that while IQ doesn't generally change once a person reaches adulthood, EQ can be raised."  For full article,
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