21 days later of strict adherence to the schedule (click here for schedule) had this significant change in my blood, consequently, my health. 

I was greatly shaken, protein does what?  How come?  All you hear these days is "you must get your protein," and “for a vegan, where do you get your protein?  Be careful you don’t lack your protein!”  The guys at the gym are all about protein shakes (i.e. 120-400 grams a day), conventional nutritionists commonly recommend protein supplements (i.e. Vitamin Shoppe and GNC shakes), even my favorite granola at the market is labeled: “now with 10g of protein!”  But I came to find that the average American diet provides 5 times the amount of protein the body needs.  Even for a plant-based vegan, the amount of protein we find there is 2 times the amount required (we should be consuming at maximum 30 grams of protein).  My case was likely upwards the average American diet.  It seems like we tend to maintain our cars a little better than we maintain our own bodies.  Most people tend to follow the dealer's instruction as to what fuel to use in their cars (regular, premium, or diesel), when to bring-

Not only did this experience impressed me deeply to this day, I felt a great conviction to share this information with the world.  Thus why I started studying and become certified to help others.  I hope with all my heart, that this experience inspires you too to take matters into your own hands and either start watching the videos found here (click here) about the things taught at the Wellness Center or that you may visit them as a patient like we did with my mom.  They are a non-profit organization, a place with simple strategies but always remember that God works greater things through simple things, often!  You never know, a visit may just save your life, like I was saved yet once again.  And as for the cost; it is a very reasonable one considering your typical luxurious Wellness Center cost.  Actually, scratch that, this should be your smallest worry, for what you are gaining in return is priceless dear friend.  Health has no price, both physically and spiritual (both go hand in hand), and you are bound to get closer to God in a place like this (it's out in the country-side!). May you be blessed from what the Lord showed me during this trip.  My desire for you is that you become a 250,000 mile plus automobile! Let us then continue being good stewards, not only in our finances, our homes, our work, but of our bodies too, "for you are the Temple of the living God, who lives in you," --remember friend, it's never too late to start anew!

God bless you, friend.


1. Weber, Bob.  ASE-Certified Master Automobile Technician and Chicago Tribune Auto-Service Columnist.  Gorzelany, Jim.  “Cars That Can Last for 250,000 Miles (Or More).” 3/14/13.  Forbes.com

Usually you start seeing results in the 3rd to 4th week.  But my counselor and friend at the Wellness Center partially credited my quick recovery for being vegan, not a perfect one but now a better one.  He himself was surprised at the recovery.  I was too, and I cannot stop praising God for this.

Seven months into the diet, here is how my blood looks now! For my PH results see bottom of page.

The cleanse was all natural (no pills, no supplements), all of which I can now do at home, and thus help others do as well.  In summary, they will put you on a plant-based, nutrient rich, 2-day meal plan called, "the corrective diet" (for details, click here). But eating is soon over and followed by a fast (see schedule here), only aiding yourself with green-leafy juices.  You combine this with 30-minutes exercise every morning at 6:30am.  Then you begin cleaning your intestines with salt-water-flushes (SWF) for a good portion of your week (with the purpose of clearing the way for the next cleanse; we have 5-40 pounds of fecal matter stuck in there, some stuff goes back decades!).  Finally you do a Gallbladder-Liver-Cleanse (GBL) where you drink 3-ounces of olive oil (extra-virgin cold press) in the way the counsellors prescribe (do not try this at home for it took me over two weeks of controlled assistance and a strict exercise and diet routine to get to this point), and finally saw maybe 200-300 liver and gall-bladder stones in my first go floating in the toilet after several days of diarrhea (by the way, there is zero pain).  I saw another 200-300 stones the day after.  I would post the pictures but they may be too gross.  If you like to see them, write to me and will share them with you (this is another topic I will here write about too).

Anybody can do this, and no, its never too late.  Don't let you condition, or your age stop you.  For instance, I met a man (who is now my friend) who came to the Wellness Center on a wheelchair weighting somewhere between 300-400 pounds, by the time I saw him he was not only walking, he was mowing the lawn outside the Center!  By then he had lost 70 pounds and counting.  But it takes commitment and an open heart, as the process can be hard for two reasons, one, we humans freeze at changes and two, the effects of the detox.  Detoxing is a natural thing, we do it every day!  However, through this new diet, you will be releasing some serious toxins that your body really wants out.  We do this by exhaling, peeing, pooing, and sweating, yet the body is constrained with the surplus and not knowing how to release them, they will likely make you feel sick, maybe give you nausea, perhaps a fever, diarrhea, some get rashes, breakouts, the works.  Actually, I was pretty beat up in bed a few days just sleeping it off, which was nice.  During the detox I felt zero energy, but soon after, no matter if you hadn’t eaten for days, you somehow recover with greater energy, which was a remarkable thing to experience considering I only had two salads for breakfast in a week.  I noticed my skin got much better, I lost quite a few pounds, I didn’t feel the need for a nap anymore, I could breathe through both my nostrils (this one was huge for me because I was always congested and dealt with allergy and asthma medicines for about 15 years), and my demeanor was more happy in general. 

Soon after the two weeks my final evaluation came and we went through all the checks again.  I had definitely lost about 10 pounds (to a weight that I'm told is my natural weight), which in the past would have depressed me, but not this time, I had a liver to save and it was either staying muscular or restoring my liver.  I chose my liver without hesitation, the weight I can work on some time later during my own free time by eating more alkaline grains (millet, quinoa, spelt, etc…) and doing some strengthening exercises. 

The evaluation was astonishingly positive.  My red blood cells were now loose and there were not sightings of fungus, crystals, parasites, nor any significant abnormality.  I must confess, I prayerfully followed everything as prescribed, I didn’t miss a thing, but the real change and healing came from having faith.  I prayed with faith that healing was of the Lord and if we just follow His counsels in keeping our temples in good form that He lovingly lent us, we are going to find restoration, not only physically but spiritually guaranteed.  And there it was, the evidence before my tear-filled eyes. I had to follow the corrective diet (posted on this website) for 7 months and alkalinized my blood.  Bacteria, Viruses, Candida, Fungus, Cancer, none of these things can feed and survive an oxygenated and alkaline body.  These terrible things thrive in an acidic environment, which is commonly seen in those that eat meat, drink sodas (which is the most acidic in the PH scale), coffee, and more.  For me my case was acidity from too much protein, the excess forming lots of it. 


PH Scale, 7-8 months after.

Red Blood Cells Stacked, Presence of Crystals and White Blood Cells.  August 2, 2015

Just recently, a friend of mine bought a 15 year-old beater (a dilapidated but serviceable car) that unfortunately only lasted her a few several weeks as its  engine collapsed worthless.  Her experience had me wondering, how long can a typical car last these days?  Research I found said “Today’s cars are built to last as long as 250,000 miles or more with simple routine care.1” Notice key words: “simple routine care.”  Certainly a useful fact to keep in mind, but never did I think it would come to help me understand a greater concept just two weeks ago with regards the human body and its care. 

In moderation, protein has a great function, it's used by the body to build and construct!  But as soon as we exceed the amount of amino acids and protein we need (very easily done these days, everything is synthetically infused with extra protein, consider: muscle-milk, cereals, granolas), the body burns the surplus for energy because it cannot store it and its by product is very dirty: sulfuric acid, ammonia and uric acid.  In case you need to put these in perspective, ammonia is a compound used to clean surfaces from microbes, ever heard of Windex,  Sulfuric Acid is used in acidic drain cleaners (a drain opener), and uric acid is a chemical associated with gout, diabetes, and kidney stones.  Many vegans these days are finding themselves with cancer no different from non-vegans for a couple of reasons, and protein overloading results in one big catalyst.  The other one has to do with an imbalance of omega 3 and 6.  Something that can be easily fixed if you eat flax seeds and sesame seeds, but thats another conversation all together.

PH Scale after 7+ months of Corrective Diet


March 2016

it in to service (every so many miles or months of use), when to change the tires (every 50-60K mile), etc..  But do we ever bring our bodies for "service," do we check our blood as frequently as we bring our cars for service? How come we know so little about our own good keeping?

The problem with having your blood cells all stacked like that is that oxygen cannot travel efficiently throughout the body.  Red blood cells are charged negatively, and thus should repeal one another, not stick to each other.  They are to be round loners that can easily travel the capillaries in our body, but if they are all glued to each other they cannot enter important places that need oxygenation.  With poor blood circulation, consider cold extremities. 

Another significant issue has to do with the liver and the overwhelming tax put on by this protein excess.  The liver (the body's project manager) cannot work on all its required functions because its overtaxed with protein.  The protein processed becomes acid and then the kidneys have to put up with the overload of ammonia, uric and sulfuric acids, in an innumerable daily cycle. 

Finally, what nearly depressed me for life (depression was short-lived) was when I heard that this path where I found myself had a 90% likeliness of cancer.  I heard that while I stared at red crystals in my blood and big globs of ammonia (pictures above). I immediately decide to change my travel plans and become a patient to start cleaning my mess (toxins out of my blood!).

Just a few months ago that same friend (whose car collapsed), visited a wellness center in Knoxville, Illinois for a whole entire month!  We were all astonished when she came back to Florida, she was a much slender and younger version of herself and her skin was radiant.  Those changes were so apparent and real that my mom, along with a few members of her immediate family, decided to visit the center.  My mom as a patient for a month, and me, supposed to be a visitor for one week.  Notice word supposed.

Upon arriving at the center, the first thing they do is run you through an evaluation.  My mom and I chose to be evaluated together, which gave me the chance to compare and contrast both the results of her non-vegan, and my vegan lifestyle.  From a superficial point of view, I was optimal in terms of weight, fat, bone mass, visceral fat, BMI, you name it.  My metabolic age calculated was 23 years old!  My mom however, had a few things to work on but nothing serious thank God. 

All was good and fine until our blood test shocked us otherwise.  Our blood was sampled and placed under a microscope were it was displayed on a large flat screen TV monitor.  There you can see your red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma; and a bunch of other things that shouldn’t be there!  My mom went first, and in her blood we saw good red cells but also lots of damage.  We also saw parasites eating away at her cells and some parasite already inside her cells kicking out like a woman with child, she also had fungus, cholesterol, lots of damage from stress, acidic crystals and more.  Mine was much different, basically mine was hard to read because I had an excess of protein in my blood that made my red blood cells pile on each other like a stack of coins.  During the viewing I was interviewed to learn about my eating habits.  I pretty much keep a vegan lifestyle which confused the lab technician at first.   But out came my indulgence of pistachio snacks, cashew morning shakes, almond milk, and my ignorant pursuit of protein in tofu blocks, black beans and lentils for breakfast and lunch and sometimes dinner.  Did you know a pound of black beans has more protein than a pound of meat?  The blood results showed all that excess protein, and consequently the great damage to my liver and kidneys.