​This is perhaps the most important element of the Corrective Diet.  It is here

where you will find, many times over, the concentration of nutrients your body

needs to heal and build an 'assassin' immune system.  Drinking green leafy

juices will also take care of hunger pains.  Hunger is primarily driven by the

body's need of nutrients.  Eating foods devoid of nutrients will cause hunger. 


  • Drink 8-16 ounces (tall glass) per day.
  • Drink the juice between meals (no less than ​30 minutes before, and 1 hour after a meal).  
  • From the glass above, only drink 3-4 ounces a time, if you drink the whole glass in one go, the juice will be wasted by way of urine.
  • The juice should not contain any fiber (i.e. this is not a green smoothie.  Please avoid smoothies).  You will need a wheatgrass juicer (masticating kind) for extraction from all leafy greens – Omega 8003 or Samson recommended.


  • Juice 20% green leaves. Consider kale, spinach, lettuce, escarole, parsley, cilantro and other herbs. 
  • 30% cucumber juice.  You can alternate with celery, cabbage.
  • ​50% carrot juice (if diabetic, substitute carrot for cucumbers).  You can alternate with beets. 

Other tips

  • Do not use more than three items at one time.  It confuses the body's enzymes. ​.
  • fruit juicer (the centrifugal kind) may be used to extract carrot juice and green juices from celery and cucumbers.  But not great for leaves, it oxidizes them. 
  • Carrot juice and cucumber juice alone will not supply the nutrients as does juice from leafy greens.  The best is to mix all three.
  • Don’t drink juice after 6 PM.